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Patrick Chalhoub, Co-CEO Chalhoub Group, commented: Luxury is adapting to our fast evolving world, and while ancient traditions have formed Center Jap society for centuries, luxury in the Gulf reveals a promising future as it echoes these deeply rooted traditions and culture.

In 1955, Chanel introduced the Basic Quilted bag with the shoulder strap, THE bag that shook the fashion world. It grew to become so popular the first year she had to decline numerous requests as a result of lack of time to painstakingly manufacture each one by her skilled artisans. The bag is known in trade shorthand as the 2.55, after the month and yr it was introduced.

Founded in 1670, HBC is the oldest company in North America. Our portfolio at the moment includes formats ranging from luxury to premium department shops to off value vogue shopping destinations, with practically more than 300 stores and roughly over 35,000 workers world wide.