How To Make A Respectable Demo

In todays world, everyone wants to get involved in the rap or singing hustle. It's a legal hustle that, when done properly, won't land you in prison and has the potential of bring you fame, fashion and fortune. So how do you make a respectable demo, and ultimately not end up getting sued? It's really a 4 part process, and it's outlined below.

#1. Find beats. All too often, newbies to the rap or singing game forget that the beats are the hook to any good song. Even if you have the best lyrics, a mediocre beat will halt a budding career before it even has the chance to get off the ground. A lot of sites would tell you to rummage through multiple sites to find beats, but that is usually a huge waste of time. You want to be able to find your beats quickly so you can keep it moving and get on to making more money. Here are the places I suggest:


Beats2Rap2 gives you hundreds of beats for a one time fee of $29.99. Its very reasonable, and the one time fee covers a non-exclusive license to all their beats. Not great for originality, but a huge selection.

Hip Hop Instrumentals

Another program like beats2rap2 with the same price and a slightly smaller selection, but there are some bangers in there.

Probably my favorite place to find beats online. You get a free beat just for signing up with just your email address, and although the selection is less than the 2 above, they are higher quality. At only $15 a beat (and a buy 3, get 2 free offer) it really is one of the best offers online. And they update more regularly than any other place online.

#2 Record. You can do this yourself with a high quality mic and pre-amp and know-how. But I would say, here it truly is best to leave it to the professionals. People I could suggest would be highly regional, and the prices range anywhere from $25-$100 an hour. My suggestion is do your homework (I'll be releasing another article soon with a list of reputable studios) and make sure whatever studio you work in has experience with your genre. It doesn't need to be the best studio in the world, just needs to be able to get a clean signal for your voice b/c you already have your beats tracked out.

#3 Mixing and Mastering. I suggest that you don't get your record mixed and mastered where you record. They will charge you their hourly rates and a normal mix takes anywhere from 3-6 hours. This is where things can get pricey. Mastering can be even more expensive. If you search online, there are multiple places that will mix and master your record for much cheaper. will mix any song to one of their beats for a flat rate of $25 and master any mix for only $10 a song. Using a service like this will save you thousands.

#4 Artwork. Once again, just like the studios, this is usually handled regionally, though there are some respectable national art firms, and with increasing amounts of business occurring on the internet, you can hire an artist online.

If you follow these steps, you will protect the future of your career as the beat sites I've suggested will outline what to do to clear any of their beats (to avoid copyright infringement suits) and the studios, mixing and mastering houses, and artists will not do you dirty. Get your business handled on the front end, so it doesn't hurt you on the back end.