Sneaker Shopping Secrets

It's no wonder that a lot of men and women just prefer wearing sneakers than any other footwear out there. On the other hand, men and women in sports probably need sneakers to wear on and there are more secrets to it than just simply wearing those ones from the top brands such as preventing you from injuries. But just because you live an active lifestyle doesn't mean you need to forgo style all together. You can choose your next pair of sneakers based on looks or designs, but to prevent injury, you need to look and rely on other features- like good support.

Buying smart on men and women sneakers is really important as to avoid waste of time and money. For smart buyers, here's the tip and what you need to look for:

1. Lace them up

Skip styles with laces that start behind the toes. They tend to squeeze the forefoot. Laces that start behind the widest part of the foot are much better.

2. Read Labels

Fit and feel is the best gauge, but knowing the best shoe types can help such as motion control- sturdy arch to prevent inward foot rolling, best for big runners, stability- firm arch, fine for most people, and neutral cushioning- flexible arch for shock absorption, best for high arches.

3. Pay Less

Don't pay premium prices for shoes unless you want cool features or have special needs.

4. Test-drive them

The best way to shop is late in the day when feet are at their biggest. But when trying to fit, don't just stand there. On a carpeted surface, walk, run, or jump to judge shock absorption.

When it comes to shoes/sneakers, there is really no right or wrong way of having one. It's all about what fits your lifestyle and personality. Some will depend on what kind of statement they want to make. Funky sneakers and trendy style makes you standout in a crowd and tell others that you're confident with all the attention while firm features show a matured sense of style.