Throw Away Your Old-Fashioned Career Apparel!

Ladies, you can be more lady-like and charming even though you are working in the office. Actually, bareness is not the only way to be sexy, and efficient neat is not just the right of man. A woman who is good at dressing can combine the clean and sexy perfectly. Not all the career apparel are old-fashioned and stiff. Now throw away the stiff and formal shirts and suits in your wardrobe. Turn around your eyes to the Herve Leger dresses; although those Herve Leger dresses look like simple and low-profile, it can make your elegance be showed out completely.

1. Nude Color Nude color is the most popular color in the 2011; light nude color Herve leger is the major design this year. To wear a nude white skirt will make you be fashionable, fresh and cool but not too swaggering. You can wear a high-heel to enhance your temperament at the same time. To be honest, wearing a pure nude white dress or skirt is a little dull, so to match with a Celine bag is much important than any accessories. Well, you can wear a suit outside the dress it will make you looks both professional and fashionable in the business occasion.

2. Mixed Color Herve Leger Another shinning point in the 2011 is the mixed color Herve Leger dress. When summer is coming without any prediction, parties are also come to our girls by following the hot weather's step secretly. How to be the focus in the party? A mixed color evening dress is indispensable. Mixed color make you looks so wild and sexy, so if you are wearing the mixed color shirt or sleeveless top, you'd better not to wear too much other accessories at the same time, otherwise, you will look like the Christmas tree on the table. So, how can you wear the wild dresses to office? The point is to choose a pure white long suit, match the wild dress with the a little formal suit is the most popular way in the office.

3. The Same Color Series We all know that we can't wear so much color on in the business occasion. Choose one nude color trousers, and take a Celine bag which is the same color with your trousers. If you can match the trousers and the clothes with the same color series, that's really excellent.

4. Small Stripe I found a secret that the small stripes Herve Leger dress can highlight your temperament. So if you can make good use of your small stripe cloth may make you more elegant. A suit plus a close-fitting small stripe dress inside and a black high-heel, you will be the conqueror in the business battlefield.

So, just throw away your old suit and formal dress, your customer may want you to wear another dress for a long time.